Cyber Pack Ventures, Inc.

5850 Waterloo Road Suite 140

Columbia, MD 21045


Cyber Pack Ventures, Inc.

Cyber Pack Ventures, Inc. (CPVI) provides technical and managerial consulting services to industry and government in the technical, scientific, procedural, and operational disciplines associated with national security. Emphasis is placed on intelligence systems and information assurance.

Members of the team have extensive experience in both intelligence and information assurance. Several members have more than three decades of senior executive experience in key positions in the Intelligence Community.

The team has strong roots in the technical disciplines associated with all aspects of the national security mission - SIGINT and Information Assurance.

CPVI brings together a diverse set of talents covering intelligence collection and analysis, SIGINT processing, cryptanalysis and cryptography, analytic tools, vulnerability analysis, cryptographic products, key management, cyber security, computer architecture and networking, government policy and procedures, software assurance, and high performance computing.

cyber securityThe teams of Subject Matter Experts provides proven, unique expertise in Cryptology, Information Assurance, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Engineering, Policy, Intelligence Analysis, and Project Management. Given the technical and mission knowledge, CPVI reviews commercial and academic activities for disruptive technologies that will significantly enhance the national security missions and assists the developers in presenting their unique solutions to the government. In addition to the direct consulting work, CPVI has the capabilities to provide an online cyber training at both the classified and unclassified levels. Members of the CPVI team have extensive experience (15+ years) teaching programming languages and practical application of software to government missions.